Published by Colthurst Media Press
September 2017

ISBN-13: 978-1548116750
ISBN-10: 1548116750
For over 1000 years people have practiced origami—the Japanese art of paper folding—and relatively little has changed. In Lawrence Beall’s thought provoking visual and verbal sketchbook, he shares an unfiltered perspective on his journey as an origami artist. Shortly after becoming a master of origami, he worked to understand why museums refused to include origami in their collections. Ultimately, he deemed origami’s countless rules and strict standards of homogeneity as barriers to innovative artistic expression. “The systematic taboos present in the art form’s heritage have prevented the origami from reaching ‘museum-quality’ work.” In December 2016, Beall broke away from the international origami community to create his own new style of folded art: Neo Origami. His new style has only one common theme: “There are no rules.” Beall pushes the boundaries of what is imaginable from the ancient art form. “Origami ought to be stripped to only its purest essence—the fundamental beauty inherent to the folded form.”
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"Lawrence Beall ’16 seeks to redefine ancient art of origami in new book" - Maria La Ganga (2017)
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