Completed: December 2016
Aluminum, unfired stoneware clay, acrylic, wire.
3' x 3' x 1.5-2' / section          3' x 3' x 12'  total
0.6 lbs / section          8 lbs total
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
‘Neo-origami’ sculpture by Lawrence Beall ’16 part of flourishing CMC art scene
The most recent addition to CMC’s art and creativity initiative is a piece called Digital Odyssey, which aspires to retell the 12-year journey of Odysseus (the titular Greek hero in Homer’s epic poem Odyssey) in a modern framework. The sculpture was on display at Roberts Pavilion, Dec. 6-16, and is...
December 2016: Roberts Pavilion, Claremont McKenna College
The Piece, The Story
Digital Odyssey retells the 12 year journey of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey in a modern framework.
It is both archaeological artifact and prophecy.
At this moment, the digital world seeps into physical space around us... does this change the ways we wander through and interact with space?
Digital Odyssey is an Ancient Greek column
made from aluminum wire mesh
folded using 'Neo-Origami'

Unfired, raw stoneware clay was applied to the "pixels" of the column, depicting stylized skeletal forms.
The skeletal forms ironically "unearth" (through a medium that is essentially dirt) the ways that a digital world changes our experiences into 1's and 0's.
The skeletal forms are both archealogical and prophetic...
...reconnecting the experiences of a distant past...
...and forebodingdigital future.

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